Autumn treasures

The children have been very interested in the weather this term and they always enjoy talking about what the weather is doing at the beginning of each session. They have noticed the changing temperatures and more rainy weather as well as other signs of Autumn. They also love collecting – especially acorns from the beautiful oak tree in our garden. To celebrate Autumn we asked the children to go on an Autumn treasure hunt with their families and they found all sorts of amazing things, from conkers to crab apples. We are using the ‘Wanderlust Nature Study’ programme this year to help develop children’s connection to nature and their understanding of seasonality.

Each week we use the programme, combined with children’s interests, to celebrate a different element of nature. While looking at pumpkins, the children wanted to know what was inside – so we had a look! They tried scissors to get in it, as well as spoons, but in the end an adult had to chop of the top with a knife before the children scooped out the inside. Exploration of the inside and its textures followed, as well as lots of pretend ‘pasta’ and ‘pie’ making, with help of some lentil and split peas!

By Mrs Johnson