Every child in EYFS has their own 'Learning Journey'. In Reception, we love to discover the children’s interests. In doing so, we support their learning through topics that fascinate and excite them…what better way to learn?

Over the last half term, we dived into Autumn (literally!) when we discovered an enormous pile of leaves in the playground! We thoroughly enjoyed collecting many ‘autumn treasures’ on our autumnal walks at the weekend and around the school grounds. The children enjoyed sharing their lovely memories of their walks with their peers and were delighted to share all the amazing spiky, crunchy, shiny, colourful autumn objects that they discovered! We created some beautiful autumn masterpieces using our autumn treasures and even had a go at taking pictures of them using the Ipads! Take a look!

We also used the class computer to find out about lots of autumn animals; we discussed how they look and found out some new facts. We read a story about a hedgehog “Percy the Park Keeper’s hedgehog balloon” and even had a go at making our own hedgehogs out of clay. Some of us decided to help our hedgehog by covering their spikes so he could play with balloons. It worked a treat; we had no burst balloons…phew! We have been very busy…I think we need to hibernate!

In Maths so far, we have been learning about the ‘oneness of one ‘, ‘twoness of two’ and the ‘threeness of three’. We have been using a ‘five frame’ to show how we can represent these numbers in different ways. We have also been using the five frames in our Areas of Provision; a small group of children decided to use them in their small world play to create a carpark. “Only 5 cars can park here!”. Numbers and problem solving opportunities really are all around us!

Another interest that sparked curiosity in some of the children followed on after reading the well-known Julia Donaldson story “The Scarecrows’ Wedding”. Some of the children decided to create their own scarecrow in the outdoor area; inventing and experimenting with different materials to create our very own Talbot Scarecrow! If you’re lucky you might spot him scaring away the birds ( and people) from our outdoor area

By Mrs Callaghan and Miss Christy