Practical maths

Over the last few weeks, Year One have focused on the key skills of number formation, number values and number facts to 10.

To learn how to write our numbers, we have joined in with rhymes and made big hand movements to memorise how to form our letters. For example, go straight down and then your done makes the number one. We have also played lots of games like counting up and down on a number rocket to help us with our numbers to 10.

To help use with our values to ten, we matched numbers to different quantities, using objects, pictures and part whole models.

To help us learn our bonds to ten, we used pictures to tell stories using the words First, Then, Now. For example, First there were 4 birds in a tree. Then 2 birds flew onto the tree. Now there are 6 birds on the tree. To reinforce the stories the children used practical apparatus like cubes and counters alongside saying what they could see. Once the children were familiar with the key concept of adding and subtraction they learnt how to record their learning using number sentences and models.


By Mrs Glosek and Miss Robertson