What do we do?

The Governing Board works very closely with the Headteacher and the Leadership team of the school to ensure that the school's vision, ethos and aims are at the heart school improvement and actions.  They are robust in their support and challenge to the school and seek to monitor and verify the impact of actions in a variety of ways.  This accountability and challenge is fulfilled through:

  • Direct accountability and questioning through sub-committees and the Full Governing Board meetings throughout the year
  • Meetings with leaders and staff within the school to promote two-way dialogue and the evaluation of actions
  • Listening to a cross section of staff and pupil voice to assess and review the impact of school improvement

These measures ensure that the Governing Board fulfills its duties of: monitoring, support and challenge for the school.  To understand in more detail how each of the sub-committees and the Full Governing Board meet these duties, please see the summary reports from the chairs of these committees below.  These have been provided, in addition to an overview of safeguarding.   

To read a copy of the Governors' Annual Statement 2018-19 click here

For the resources sub-committee report 2018-19 click here

For the school improvement sub-committee report 2018-19 click here

For the safeguarding report 2018-19 click here

The Governing Board is also responsible for reviewing the performance of the Headteacher.  This is via performance management, regular headteacher reports to governors, questions and discussion in governing body meetings, review of various monitoring activities, external reviews by school improvement consultants and advisers, and regular meetings with the Chair of Governors.