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The Great Year 2 Bake-Off!

On Monday 18th September, we started our new Creative Curriculum topic: “Could a loaf of bread destroy a city?” We had very mixed views about this so we decided that the only way to find out was to investigate… by making bread!

We began by getting into groups and taking turns to gather the equipment that we needed. Next we measured out each of the ingredients; with a little help from an adult. We made sure that we mixed the ingredients thoroughly with a spoon… then we had to knead the mixture which was a very messy job! Some of us ended up with more mixture on our fingers than was in the bowl!

Once the mixture was ready, we put it into our own bun case ready to go in the oven. We were so excited to see how our bread would turn out… and we were very impressed when we saw our little rolls! We ate our bread with our morning milk and most of us enjoyed it.

Luckily our bread did not destroy a city… but we learned that a city not too far away had been destroyed because of a piece of bread. We can’t wait to learn more about that story…

Miss Marsden


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