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Year One

Drama, Drama, Drama!

Imitation, innovation and invention, are three critical steps, according to Pie Corbett, to support young

writers to become successful writers.


children need to immerse themselves in stories. They need to enjoy and experience a range of

different stories. Retelling a story through role play and drama helps develop their vocabulary and knowledge

of story structure.

We know how important this step is and that’s why in Year 1 we have ensured every new topic has begun

with lots of drama, acting and role-play. We even became quite skilled at directing and filming to help

celebrate our successes.

Learning Together! Sharing Together!

Throughout the year, both 1JG and 1LM have enjoyed coming together to learn,

and celebrate their learning.

After writing their own versions of Pinocchio, both classes came together to read

their work to their friends, not only showcasing what they had produced but to

inspire their peers to improve their work.

To conclude our topic on Australia, we hosted a ‘Big Art’ afternoon. We came

together in the hall and created our own Aborigine Dot Art and Ken Done inspired

landscapes of Sydney.

In Summer, we came together during our computing sessions to learn how to code

using an algorithm based program called Scratch. The children worked with a partner

from the other class to create a new character. They then had to give their character a

sequence of instructions to make it move across their background.

Mrs Glosek

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