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The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

One of our favourite books this year has been ‘The

Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.’ We made our own story maps

to retell the story; we had great fun redesigning the line to

transport the picnic basket to and from the lighthouse in

our new outdoor area. We planned and designed a ‘seagull

proof’ lunchbox for the lighthouse keeper and

independently chose our own junk model materials to best

suit our design! We even played the role of the lighthouse

keeper’s wife, making our own healthy sandwiches to share

with each other. We were able to cut them into halves and



We have been really enjoying developing our

writing skills in a variety of ways. We have

enjoyed ‘Dough Disco’, ‘Doodle Time’ and

having our own white boards, where we have

practiced writing a sentence each morning or

writing our tricky words or numbers. We like

using clipboards to go on tricky word hunts

inside and outside… we look so official! We

are currently enjoying being authors and

creating our own story books and we all love to write on Post-it notes,

stickers and envelopes!

The Children’s Interests

The children’s interests this year have taken us from Harry

Potter to volcanoes to Peter Pan… boy have we been busy!

Following the children’s interests have motivated them to

do their best work and keeps them engaged in their


Mrs Hainsworth, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Callaghan and Miss


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