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Fun Outside

We go outside every day, whatever the weather, to experience the

environment as it changes with the seasons. We also love experimenting with

different ways of moving and using the space around us. We are great at

asking to have goes and sharing the outdoor equipment, such as the bikes and

trikes. We also create feasts in the mud kitchen and love painting with water!

We even remember to feed the

baby when we are cooking! We

have developed our gross motor skills in our arms with activities

like threading ribbons in the fence. There are lots of

mathematical opportunities too!

“There’s five on my fingers, five and five makes 10!”



This year some of our parents have kindly come in to Nursery to share a skill,

talk about their job or read to us! Jasraj is clearly thrilled to have Mummy

reading to him in our Relax and Read Session.

We have also had a Pyjama Drama session

from Ewan’s Mummy and visits from the

Police and Fire Service! We got to wear

Police uniform and touch Fire Service

equipment. We then found out how each

service helps us!

Getting To Know Talbot School

Over the year we have had adventures in Big School which have helped us gain confidence and get us ready

for the transition to Reception in September. We have

become a noisy Chinese Dragon in the Key Stage 1

building, gone on a listening walk and on a hunt for Spring

around the school grounds. We have learned how to walk

in pairs, follow each other and go into and out of buildings

safely. The school photographer commented on our

cheerfulness and ability to follow instructions! We

certainly deserve to have fun on the wooden rope course

from time to time!

Mrs Walton and Mrs Wilby

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