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This year as well as new starters, we had a group of children who returned to Nursery for a second year.

They quickly got back into the swing of things and were really helpful in showing the younger children our

Nursery routines.

Fun Inside

We have had lots of fun strengthening our hands ready for writing, with

messy play and dough discos as well as baking and painting. We have also

grown more confident using scissors and choosing how to join different

objects as we construct in the Workshop and Construction Area. The

children have become skilful cutters, using scissors independently and

carefully! We often create props for our role play such as telescopes,

glasses and lanyards. The children were really proud of writing their name.

“I write all my letters, can I wear it now?”



Some children made glasses and then wore them all day, with pride! We

have also enjoyed retelling stories with actions, our favourite was The

Three Little Pigs. We loved creating our own small world houses using a variety of materials. The children

loved sharing their learning with their parents during our Stay and Play session!


We have learned how to use iPads carefully and safely to take

photographs and videos and even selfies! We also use them to find out

information about areas of interest like baby animals and people who help

us. They had fun using tills in our Farm Shop role play and played our game

Bottle Alley, counting and matching game on the Smartboard.

We Love To Sing!

We sing every day in Nursery and each group has its own “Let’s Sing” folder

with our favourite nursery rhyme pictures inside. We know the actions and

words to all the songs and children are now choosing someone to be the

teacher and organising singing themselves! “Five Speckled Frogs!” is one of

our favourites. Later they choose someone sitting beautifully on the carpet

to choose a song from the folder!

Fancy A Snack?

This year we have started to have snack time in our groups in both the morning

and afternoon. The children have learned to put their straws in their milk

cartons and pour their own water. We have lots of fun estimating and then

counting our fruit and deciding if there is enough for everyone or whether we

need to cut fruit in half. We also take turns in washing up our bowls and cups


“I help my Mummy at home!”



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