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Headteacher’s Welcome

As the academic year draws to a close we turn our

attention towards not only reflecting on our journey,

but also celebrating it. There have been countless

highlights over the year, not only in terms of whole

school celebrations and events, but also more

crucially, the individual successes and milestones

reached for our children.

In essence, this encapsulates our vision and reflects

three of the core values statements of the school.

The children were critical in creating these and believed that as a learning community we all needed to: learn

from someone else; show excellent learning and school behaviour and not limit our challenges; but challenge

our limits.

Our school improvement journey this year has successfully demonstrated how we are continually striving to

emulate these aims and be the best we can be to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Building on

the success of our teaching and learning pedagogy, our adoption of Talk Matters has significantly influenced

the children’s listening, speaking and participation skills in and around the school. Not only have we

observed how children have developed their active listening skills throughout the year, they have also

demonstrated an increasing ability to use what they have heard and discussed to develop their thinking and

extend their understanding. This increased participation and spirit of collaboration, has significantly affected

each child’s engagement and supported our aim for deeper learning. As you will see from the various

articles that follow, we have come a long way on this journey, but recognise the critical need to continue on

this path as we seek to further empower the children on their learning journey.

Of course, the school’s journey was externally assessed this year through the formal inspection process.

Whilst the intensity of the official conversations of the day have somewhat lost their shine, the overriding

emotion of pride has not. This pride is firmly rooted in the children and the Talbot team. As Headteacher, I

was proud to be able to discuss not only the quantitative difference our teaching and learning is having on

standards and progress, but also crucially how as a learning community of parents, children and Talbot staff,

we come together each day to make the school a successful environment in which children feel happy, safe

and learn well. It was a humbling experience, and one which demonstrated how fortunate we are to be in a

profession that makes such an impact on young lives and added a level of impetus and drive to achieve even

more. We will continue to work hard everyday to ensure we are the best that we can be.

The following articles, recounts and narratives will demonstrate how we secure challenge, enjoyment and

progress on a daily basis. This would simply not be possible without the focus, energy, or to put it more

simply, the ‘oomph’ of our staff – thank you for your dedication and resilience! We hope that as parents you

continue to access both formal and informal opportunities to come into school and see your child(ren)’s

journey. Your help at home, discussions with staff and presence at school events are much appreciated by us

all and continue to help us on our journey.

Mrs Parm Gill

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