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Creating Links Through Our Harmony Group

The Harmony Group continues to be a fundamental opportunity to develop

and encourage community cohesion and strengthen links with our

partnership school, Raynville Primary.

Mrs Russell leads the Harmony Group and creates

exciting opportunities for our pupils to engage

with children from a completely different school

community setting while taking part in fun, cross-

curricular activities. The activities are also planned to enhance Growth Mindset and

Talk Matters skills and also boost children’s confidence levels and team building


Every half-term, the Harmony Group sessions are developed to engage fifteen

children from Year Four in both schools; with

two sessions organised by Talbot at Roundhay and two at Raynville in

Bramley. Therefore, by the end of the school year, all children in Year

Four have taken part in this fantastic project.

Two of the sessions are planned around Forest School activities. These

include: using natural resources to create shelters, swings, floor art

and creating opportunities for children to engage with each other in a

setting outside of the normal classroom. The other sessions are

planned around orienteering and physical team games at Raynville.

In the Summer term, Talbot hosts a ‘cultural awareness’ day, where

children have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the arts in

different cultures relating to our own school community. These activities

have included a Dhol drumming workshop and an Indian story-telling

workshop. Children also take part in an art project creating large

artwork based around iconic cultural buildings from around the world.

100% of the children and staff involved thoroughly enjoy participating in

the Harmony Group and the children especially value the chance to

meet new friends and learn more about them and their life while doing

fun, interesting and creative tasks.

Mrs Russell and Mrs Rehman

I liked doing the crafts and being creative with new friends. It was good



I really enjoyed making the dens in the forest. It was a good way to get

to know other people and do teamwork.”


“I enjoyed making dens in little groups – it was funny because ours kept

falling down! I liked making new friends too!”


“I really enjoyed the creating structures activity because I want to be an architect. Also, I met new friends

and had fun!”

Freddie D

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