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Talk Matters at Talbot

This year, we have embarked on an exciting journey to develop talk across the curriculum through using the

‘Talk Matters’ teaching strategies. This is because research suggests a direct correlation between oracy skills

and overall success.

We use our ‘Talk Matters’ strategies to focus on three key skills:

Active listening

Skilled speaking

Asking for clarification.

By using these key skills, our children feel increasingly confident about their learning and relish the

opportunity to share and explore their learning further by offering their opinions, discussing strategies and

reasoning, as well as developing their vocabulary – at the same time responding clearly and audibly to their

avid audience!

The ‘Talk Matters’ strategies are used across the curriculum, such as: ‘Think, Pair, Share, Square’ to develop

group talk, ‘Spalt’ – a fun game where children develop their vocabulary and word studies to deepen their

understanding and use of key words in maths and science to name a few.

Here is what some of our children said about Talk Matters:

Ask your children for more information about Talk Matters and take a look at our photographs. Remember

to encourage them to respond in full sentences as well as clearly and audibly to support them in practising

their oracy skills at home!

Mrs Rehman

School Council

This year the school councillors have been working incredibly hard. They have been busy leading

assemblies, raising money and making sure children’s ideas are put forward to the teachers and staff in

school. The children did a fantastic job, leading assemblies for KS1 and KS2 about Children in Need and

Comic Relief. They also organised a very successful cake sale which helped raise lots of money. One of the

big projects for the school council members this year was to help with the creation of the outdoor

classroom. The School Councillors thought about what children could learn when using it, which helped

them to create the different areas. The outdoor classroom now looks fantastic and I know the children have

really enjoyed using it.

Miss Wood

“Talk Matters is when we are doing good

listening and taking it in turns when we

speak to each other.”


“Talk Matters is about communicating

with each other – everybody contributing

in lessons.”


“Talk Matters is when you actively listen

and you actually think about what they

are saying and how you can respond.”


“Thinking time helps me to be prepared

with an idea ready to say confidently.”


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