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Eden Camp

On Thursday 10


November Year Six went to Eden Camp.

One of the many huts that was praised by other classmates

of 6SA was the U-Boat Menace. This hut was all about the

famous British U-boats, which were during World War II.

This hut was very dark and had flashing red lights

everywhere. The purpose of this hut was to take you around

a sunken U-boat. The best part was when you could see a

dead crewman and if you got close at a certain time there

were bubbles coming out of the body, which scared some of

my classmates!

The other praised hut was the Blitz. This hut was

depressing as you could see dead bodies crushed by the

rubble and some children crying in the background. This

one was my particular favourite as there was so much

atmosphere, like the smell made you feel like you were

actually in a bombed out city of London and the way

everything looked so realistic - it was just brilliant! Also

the sounds made you feel like there were actually

bomber planes over your head!!

The gift shop was great! (and not just because there were bullets and dog-tags there although I did like

them!) The actual reason I thought the gift shop was great is because everyone that worked there was so

pleasant and well-mannered, and just gave the whole trip a boost of ratings.

Some of the huts were very interesting: the most

interesting one was where it showed you the nuclear bomb

codes and you could pretend you were bombing the

world’s countries. And it also showed you the maps of the

world and the enigma. If you don’t know what the Enigma

code is, when the Germans needed to send secret codes to

each other they would send random letters. When the

Germans received the code a team tried to work out what

the code meant and in the end they did! There is a film all

about it called ‘The Imitation Game’ starring Benedict


All in all the trip was fantastic! I would definitely go again. I

would rate this trip 9/10.

Francesco, 6SA

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