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Year Six

Growing Up In The Last Year Of Talbot

In Year Six you have many responsibilities, like being trusted to help in Reception and Nursery.

During the week of SATs in the afternoon we have been trusted with being able to do fun activities such as

Art, P.E. and helping look after the younger children in our school.

In our production, Aladdin, various people have been given different responsibilities such as main director,

technical director, artistic director and backstage manager. I was one of the lucky people to receive one of

these roles: I was chosen to be the backstage manager.

Throughout the year I have been given many responsibilities: doing the music in assemblies; giving the

teachers the artefacts from the Leeds City Museum; writing this article for the Talbot Times and my

favourite responsibility, getting the I.C.T. suite ready for the first class of the day before school .

As a year group we have the responsibility to set a good example to the younger children at our school.

When we go out of school on trips we have the responsibility to show the public how good and well-

mannered Talbot Primary School is.

Some of my friends have been given the responsibility to do recycling with Mrs Barklamb.

I think Year Six at Talbot is very exciting along with a balanced amount of work for SATs therefore I have

enjoyed the last year of the fantastic school and I will always remember it.

Abdur-Raheem, 6SA

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