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Low Mill 2017

In March Year Five got the opportunity to go on the annual residential visit to Low Mill. During our time

there we experienced all weather types, from hail storms and snow to glorious sunshine. We got to

experience a variety of adventurous outdoor activities such as caving, gorge walking, abseiling or climbing.

Each activity had opportunities for the children to really challenge themselves.

Abseiling was a great experience as we got to descend from an old viaduct. There were different

challenges; one allowed you to walk your feet down the viaduct, the other had nothing to walk your feet


“I was nervous before I did abseiling, but after my first go I really

enjoyed it and wanted to do it again.”



Due to the weather 5IM were not able to do abseiling so we got to

experience indoor climbing instead. After a practise, we were able to

see if we could climb all the way to the top. It was really challenging.

“My favourite part was climbing, because I really enjoyed it and it was

something I was good at.”


Caving, at Thistle and Runscarr caves, was another fantastic activity.

The caves were quite big inside, however there were many

wormholes we could crawl through. The wormholes are small

tunnels that you have to crawl through on your stomach. These

were tackled by some very brave children. A number of children

volunteered to lead the group through the caves, working brilliantly

as a team.

“My favourite part was caving, because

we got to go through tight gaps and

challenge ourselves.”


“I really enjoyed caving because I got wet and I hadn’t done it before.”


Gorge walking was a very wet and cold experience, but we all had lots of fun!

We had to wear big dry suits and wellies, but we still got lots of water in our

wellies. As we walked through the river a few people slipped and ended up chest

-high in the water! When we got back to Low Mill we got to warm ourselves up

with a hot chocolate or hot juice.

“Gorge walking was really cold, but I

really enjoyed it!”


All of the children really enjoyed our

residential visit and should be very proud

of the things they achieved.

Miss Wood and Miss MacDonald.

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