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Year Four


In the Autumn term, Year Four learned about volcanoes. This topic culminated in making volcanoes out of

papier mache, decorating them and then, most excitingly, erupting them.

We did this by adding red food colouring, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda to the yoghurt pot

inside the volcano. Then, when we were ready, we added vinegar which reacted with the bicarbonate of

soda to create a gas. The volcanoes bubbled up and gave the effect of an eruption which was really

spectacular and great fun!

“I was really excited when they bubbled over the top!”


“Making the volcanoes was fun because you used papier mache

which got everywhere!”


“When we were making the volcanoes they didn’t look perfect but

when we painted them they looked realistic”


“The eruption went better then expected and spilled down the sides

of the volcano. It was fun putting the ingredients together.”


Mr Youdan

Viking Workshop

In March, Year Four took part in a Viking workshop (we

were trainee Vikings). We learnt how Vikings travelled,

navigated, fought, what armour they wore and lots of

fun facts. We even learnt the Viking greeting, ‘be

healthy.’ By the end of the morning, we were fully

fledged Vikings ready to commence in battle!

Here is one of our recounts:

Today was amazing, we had the most exciting morning! To start off with, we saw 4TY’s good work assembly,

it was great! Afterwards, when he stepped into the classroom, we saw Steve waiting patiently in order to

begin. We told him everything we already knew about the Vikings, he was very impressed! Suddenly Eric

Bloodaxe burst dramatically into the room, we all got quite the fright! He taught us the Viking greeting ‘be

healthy!’ and said we were going to become trainee Vikings.

First, we made a human Long ship! It was great fun! Then we discussed how they used to navigate, I never

knew they used stones, the sun and even ravens!

We spent break talking and chatting about what was still to come. Next, we learnt about sword fighting and I

got to use one to fight with Steve? (Or should I say Peve!) Everyone was desperate to have a go! Finally, we

were tested on an ultimate multiple choice quiz, and we beat the highest ever score!

Exhausted but inspired, we left the classroom giddy as ever. What a morning it had been, I couldn’t even

concentrate on my lunch I’d had so much fun. I now feel like a fully fledged Viking Warrior!

Edie, 4VA

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