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The Pizza Project

During the Spring term, our topic was the Pizza Project and we investigated

‘Should Talbot Pizza open on Street Lane?’ To start this topic off, we tasted

different pizza toppings that we wouldn’t normally choose.

“I liked the sun-dried tomatoes because they were juicy and sweet. This was

the first time I had tried them.”


“I tried green olives for the first time and I did not like them because they

were oily and salty.”


“I liked the sweet peppers, even though I had never tried them before,

because they were sweet and spicy.”


In order to check out the competition, we went for a walk on Street Lane to find out what types of

businesses were in the area. We completed a tally chart to show how many of the same types of business

there were.

Then, back at school, we thought about and discussed the pros and cons of opening another pizza

restaurant on Street Lane. Afterwards, we got started on our own business plans by coming up with names

and logos for our businesses.

The project ended with an enjoyable day making pizzas and filming adverts. Four teams of finalists were

sent to the Dragon’s Den (aka Mr River’s office) to persuade him that they should be crowned the 2017

winners of the Pizza Project. This was an incredibly tough decision, however, Choo Choo Trains Pizzas were

announced champions just before home time.

Mrs Baum

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