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Mr Benn Travels Across The Five Continents

The Year Two children were extremely excited when we received a postcard

from Mr Benn at the start of the Spring term, which asked us to join him on

his tour of the seven continents of the world.

First we had to learn the names of the continents and locate them on a

map. This was easy with the help of a little song that gets stuck in your

head… ask us to teach you it and you’ll never forget them either!

We explored each of the continents in turn,

thinking about various geographical features,

artwork and much more. Each week left us eager

to find out where we would be travelling next!

Here are a few of our highlights:

We went on a tour of South America and got to visit lots of the countries. In the Amazon rainforest, we had

to dodge a toucan flying overhead, hide from a jaguar and try not to get our toes bitten by the piranhas in

the Amazon River... and that was only the start of it. We definitely caught the travelling bug!

One week, interesting packages arrived for Miss Coady and Miss Marsden

including scarves, gloves and big boots… it didn’t take us long to realise that

we were going to Antarctica. We enjoyed making our own igloos and then

investigated what would happen to them if we built them in Antarctica,

Europe and Africa. We ended up with a huge puddle on the carpet from the

igloo in “Africa”. We had great fun creating play-doh maps to show the main

rivers, deserts and mountains in Africa. Although we ended up with purple

mountains! We were also extremely lucky to have Neela’s grandmother visit

us to share music and traditional clothes from Kenya. Miss Marsden and

Miss Coady felt very elegant wearing a sari and bindi.

In Australia we created our own boomerangs and

decorated them with Aboriginal artwork. They

didn’t all come back when we threw them, but we

tried our best!

One of our final destinations was ‘The Big Apple.’

We spotted lots of skyscrapers on the landscape

and decided to have a ‘skyscraper challenge.’ We

worked in teams and had 30 minutes to

create the tallest, strongest skyscraper using

a range of materials. We were all surprised to discover that newspaper

created one of the strongest and tallest.

We had a brilliant time and were very sad when it all came to an end.

Miss Marsden

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