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Year Two

The Great Fire Of London

One of our favourite Creative Curriculum topics this year was all about the Great Fire of London, which we

began all the way back in our first term! In this topic we asked the children our big question ‘Could a loaf of

bread destroy a city?’; and to begin our investigation we decided that we had better try baking some bread to

find out!

The children loved getting their hands dirty mixing the ingredients and sharing

them out into bun cases, ready to bake. Once the bread had baked in the oven,

the children enjoyed tasting their buns during story time. Many of the children

then decided to continue developing their baking skills at home, and actually

made models of Tudor houses using bread, ginger bread and cakes, which they

were kind enough to share with us.

“I loved making my Tudor house. I’d like to play with it still but I can’t because

everyone ate it!”


Another one of the highlights of this topic

was when we got to meet a very special visitor who was actually alive in

1666! Our visitor’s name was Sir William Petty and he taught us lots of

amazing information about what happened during the Great Fire of

London. He helped us to feel like we were really there through some very

exciting role play activities, where he taught us how the citizens of

London were able to put out the fire by making a chain of people to pass

buckets of water through the city!

“I really enjoyed passing the buckets around because it was just like they did it in 1666.”


At the end of the topic the children had produced so much fantastic work

that they were able to create their very own ‘Great Fire of London

Museum.’ They chose a huge range of activities to present, including art

workshops, animations, a bus tour of London, map reading, baking,

handwritten diaries and poems, and even wind-up toys. It was amazing

to see how proud and enthusiastic the children were to share their

learning with all of the friends and family that visited, and all of the

visitors were very impressed by their achievements, especially Miss

Marsden and I!

“My favourite thing was showing off my wind-up toy at our museum.”


By the time that we had finished our topic we could confidently answer our big

question. If you’d like to know if a loaf of bread could destroy a city, just ask one of

our Year Two children what happened on Pudding Lane in 1666!

Miss Coady

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