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Curriculum Statement
Our school follows National requirements and evolves in response to
relevant themes and pupil interests. The children who come to Talbot
Primary School are diverse, confident and eager and all develop
academically through a varied, challenging and enjoyable curriculum.
We aim to equip our children with the key skills, ambition and resilience
to be successful. In doing so, each child will leave Talbot well prepared
for the transition to secondary school and their future lives and careers.
Curriculum Enhancement
We offer a wealth of first hand experiences for
children through inspirational visitors and school
trips. These memorable occasions have a lasting
impact and help to make learning fun.
“I love ICT. You get to do
all sorts of things like
presentations, e-mails
animations and video
“I love the focus weeks, because they
are so interesting. My favourite one
was ‘Dragon Week’, where everyone
learnt about dragons. The young
children had to learn about friendly
ones so they didn’t get scared.”