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School Council
Children are elected as School Councillors from Year 2 onwards. They
meet regularly to represent their classes and to discuss issues that affect
the pupils in school. Their contributions have and will continue to help
shape school life and our charity work.
Playtimes and Lunchtimes
At playtimes and lunchtimes we provide a broad range of play
opportunities. These activities are well equipped so that children can
play safely together and have fun. Some older pupils are given the
responsibility of being ‘Fitbods’. They support younger children to ensure
that everyone is included and able to access the play resources. We use
the school field whenever possible as an additional facility.
We expect pupils to be punctual, attend school regularly and to be prepared for the day ahead. We do not authorise leave
in term time, other than in exceptional circumstances, because missed days lead to gaps in learning. We firmly believe that
there is a direct link between our consistently high attendance and our consistently high pupil progress.
“The School Council
helped design the new
shelter for the playground.
I am proud that my ideas
were used.”
“I am a Junior Librarian.
I get to help the other
children pick books and I
can say ‘shhh’ to them at
School Uniform
Children are proud to wear the Talbot uniform and we find that it helps
to create a strong sense of belonging. Uniform details are available on
our website.
“Our school uniform shows
we are part of the school.”