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courage, truth, loyalty

The Curriculum

The Curriculum at Talbot Primary School - updated Dec 2017

At Talbot Primary we are passionate about providing all our children with access to a long lasting, broad and vibrant curriculum which is relevant to their lives now and in the future. Our children enjoy learning at Talbot and are committed to their capacity to learn both independently and as a team.  Our commitment to core skills alongside our Creative Curriculum ensure that we provide our children with exciting opportunities which build confidence, curiosity and a love of learning.  As a team, we maintain our pledge to ‘Courage, Truth and Loyalty,’ and as a result ensure that we nurture future generations with commitment and passion.

At Talbot Primary School, we teach the National Curriculum. English and Maths are taught each morning and the foundation subjects are taught in the afternoons. Many of the foundation subjects are taught together as themes - with an engaging "Big Question" to get the children thinking. This creative approach puts learning in a context, which makes it more meaningful. Other subjects are taught discretely, because there in no natural link.

Please click on the links below to see the Curriculum map for each year group.


Phonics in Reception and Key Stage One

The effective teaching of phonics is a vital part of the teaching of reading. As such, phonics is taught in a systematic and engaging way across Reception and Key Stage One.

  • In Reception children are taught phonics, using Letter and Sounds phases 1-4. This is enhanced using Jolly Phonics, a multi sensor approach to reading.
  • In Year One, phonics is taught using Letters and Sounds, phases 3-5, to reinforce and build on the knowledge developed in Reception.
  • In Year two, Letters and Sounds is reinforced, and phase 5 developed. This is enhanced using the Support for Spelling scheme.


Reading in Reception and Key Stage One

Our Reading schemes are all phonics based, to support the teaching and learning of phonics.

We use a range of schemes, for both guided and individual reading, that are all colour banded, according to the National book band levels. This offers a diverse range of genres, styles and formats to meet the needs and interests of all pupils. These schemes include Bug Club, Rigby Star, Rigby Rocket, OUP Project X, Oxford Reading Tree, and Get Reading Right. 


How to get more information

Parents/Carers are sent curriculum newsletters on a termly basis to provide them with more information about what their children are learning. Electronic copies of these are available on the school website. Follow the link: Talbot Primary School – School Office – Newsletters to see the most up to date version. Failing that, please come in and have a chat to your child’s teacher.

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