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Keeping the roads safe

Some of our Year 5 pupils joined children from Moor Allerton Hall and Allerton Grange High School in a week of action as part of Road Safety Week. This year’s campaign was run by the charity Brake who were asking supporters to make the Brake Pledge.

Allerton Grange School’s Safer Schools’ Police Officer, PC Brown, was joined by 6 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from the local area to support the roadside action events, as well as Becky Murray, Project Assistant, from Leeds City Council’s Influencing Travel Behaviour team. A speed gun was loaned from West Yorkshire Police, along with a ‘SID’ machine, or speed indication device, from the council, which displays the speed of travel back to vehicles along with either a happy or sad face. Displaying signs designed and created by Allerton Grange students, the teams took to the streets to spread road safety messages far and wide.

The roadside events took place on Tuesday 22 November on Street Lane, which has a speed limit of 30mph, between Talbot Road and Talbot Gardens and Thursday 24 November on Lidgett Lane, which has a speed limit of 20mph, just outside the student entrance to Allerton Grange School and Moor Allerton Hall Primary School. Students, including those from Talbot, joined Police Officers in talking to motorists who had been stopped and were actively involved in asking them if they were aware of the speed limit in place, as well as asking them to slow down to make our local community a safer place for everyone.

Safer Schools Police Officer, PC Brown, said “Road safety is something that I and staff at Allerton Grange School take very seriously all year round, however Road Safety Week is a really good time of year to bring attention to some of the key messages we are trying to get across. For example, ‘slow down’, ‘wear a seatbelt’ and ‘don’t use a mobile phone whilst driving’, even if it’s a hands free device, because it can distract your attention away from the road. We are working with our local community and parents to encourage the use of the turning circle drop-off facility we have on site, accessed from Lidgett Lane, to park sensibly and consider residents and other road users. During these roadside events we have had a number of members of the public expressing their thanks for raising awareness of issues surrounding road safety, in particular speeding, which has been fantastic as the community can see what we are trying to do and is supporting us.”

In addition to these roadside events, Allerton Grange School have supported Road Safety Week by joining the @Brakecharity social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook, getting followers to make the #brakepledge. Years 7, 8 and 12 took part in special assemblies this week delivered by Leeds City Council’s Influencing Travel Behaviour team and West Yorkshire Police on topics surrounding road safety. Further plans are in place for the summer term for students to take part in workshops and an incentivised Walk/Cycle to School Day.

Leeds City Council’s Influencing Travel Behaviour team provide a range of educational activities with both primary and secondary aged students across the city. These include lessons, assemblies and practical training sessions to improve road safety and increase the use of sustainable travel.

Becky Murray, Leeds City Council Project Assistant, said “While we know that most drivers act safely and responsibly, there were still over 250 young people injured on the roads in Leeds last year. By supporting activities in schools such as these, we can remind drivers and young pedestrians about good behaviour that will help to keep us all safer”.

We would like to thank Allerton Grange for inviting us to join their campaign and Miss Wood for organising it.

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