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Fantastic Forest Schools

It was Tuesday the 8th of November; it was a chaotic morning. We were all rushing down to the hut to get ready for our first Harmony Group session of the year.  We got changed into our warm, winter, waterproof clothes before we met up with 15 children from Raynville Primary School from Bramley.

Our Forest Schools session was at Roundhay Park but first we had to cut through Canal Gardens to collect the key for the education room at the Mansion House.  (This was where we were going to have our lunch and finish our activities for the day.)  We were very lucky because we got to see a massive, beautiful display of Chinese lanterns!

When we arrived at our “forest”, we carefully stored our lunches on top of a special blue mat.  We were split into groups of 6 children; 3 from Talbot and 3 from Raynville.  We quickly got to work building our outdoor shelters.  All of us chose to put stacks of branches against trees and cover them with twigs and leaves for camouflage. When time was up, the teachers called out our group numbers.  One group at a time showed the rest of the children what they had made – shelters and floor art. (Floor art is when you make art with natural forest floor items.)

After we had our lunch in one of the Mansion House education rooms, we used the treasures that we’d found in the forest to make mobiles (things that make babies calm!)  Most of us collected horse chestnut shells, leaves, twigs and bark.  After completing our amazing crafts, we set off back to school exhausted.  It was an amazing adventure and we made lots of new friends!

By Olivia M and Edward O

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