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Year 2 Great Fire of London Museum

On Wednesday 23rd November, the Year 2 children created their very own Great Fire of London Museum to showcase their learning from our topic: “Could a loaf of bread destroy a whole city?”

The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and were extremely enthusiastic about sharing their masterpieces! They chose a huge range of activities to present, including art workshops, animations, a bus tour of London, map reading, baking, handwritten diaries and poems, and even wind-up toys!

One of the highlights of the afternoon was an energetic performance of ‘London’s Burning’ with a twist. The children changed the lyrics to be more ‘historically accurate’ and managed to write three verses; to Mr Rivers’ amazement!

Miss Marsden and Miss Coady were very impressed by the children’s effort and enthusiasm and were pleased to see so many family and friends visiting.

The children were very proud of their accomplishments and even suggested that children should be able to run more museums – we’re sure you’ll agree!

By Miss Coady and Miss Marsden

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