Talbot Primary School
Talbot Primary School
East Moor Road, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 1AF
T: 0113 293 4086
courage, truth, loyalty


Encouraging children to live healthy lifestyles and adopt safe practices is embedded in our school ethos and teaching.

Policies are in place to ensure that there is a consistent approach to practices throughout the school.  Click here to see our Information & Policies page.  If the policy you require is not listed, please contact the school office team who will be happy to help. 

Adults have a tremendous impact on young children and with this in mind adults at Talbot Primary School: 

• are good role models for children

• enjoy their work and working with children

• are conscientious and hard-working

• recognise and value strengths in each other and use these to benefit everyone

• work within the agreed policies of the school

• promote a happy, caring and safe school

• encourage children to think for themselves, ask questions and find answers

• challenge and support children in their learning.

E-Safety - to visit our E-Safety Zone, please click here.


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